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What Is Your Motive?

What is your motive for starting this journey? It is easy to rocket off the starting blocks without figuring out why you are in the race for financial freedom. You may think it is obvious, but if you sit yourself down in your quiet place with a pen and journal, you may find out you have no clue.

Normally we have reasons for stepping out the door. It is second nature. If you are like me, sometimes you enter a room, and stand there pondering what it was you came looking for. If I don't remember, I go back to where I came from. Chances are, it will come back to me. What is your motive for embarking on this journey? Since I am not a preacher, well not yet, I will be addressing myself in this article

What is my motive? Why am I proceeding on this journey? Is it money, happiness, prestige, feel good factor, follow the crowd, success? What is success by the way? How will I know that I have achieved it?

What is my purpose on this planet by the way? What am I about?

Is it all about money? Will money solve all my problems, repair all my relationships, dented integrity and keep me fulfilled for all time? Am I ready to do anything to get money, to feed my greed and covetousness? Do I say what I mean and mean what I say? Who am I, and where am I heading?

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Questions, questions, piles of questions? Makes you think you are back in church or something. The fact is; these are questions we have to answer sometime. At the beginning of the journey, or at the thick of it when nothing seems to make sense, or at the peak, when we crest the mountain top but feel empty on the inside. So empty that some millionaires quit the pretence and call it a day, blowing off their heads with a pistol, or jumping off their luxury yacht at mid sea? Can money buy everything?


Why do I do the things I do? Why do I recommend the things I recommend, or sell the things I sell? Is it to make more money for myself or help people achieve their dreams? When I package a product for sale, is it to receive payment or do I really want to make it happen for them? If I were to be at the receiving end, would I want to be treated that way?.

What is my yardstick of success? The money I made or people's lives I have touched forever? What is the purpose of the money I am making anyway? Is it to live the life of my dreams, or fulfill the purpose of my life?

And finally if get to I lie on my death bed, looking back on my life journey, will I feel fulfilled: mission accomplished. Or sigh with regret?

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