Promotional Products and Promotion Merchandise for Small Business

What are advertising specialties / promotional products?

Almost everyone uses promotional items several times a day just about every day of the year. Whether it's personalized pens you write with, a day planner, your favorite coffee mug at the office, your key chain, or your favorite team cap, t-shirt or sweatshirt; you are using a promotional item. An item with a logo on it is given as a gift every minute of every day of the year around the world. Why? Because promotional items are extremely powerful marketing tools that provide dynamic advertising and public relations solutions par excellence.

Advertising specialties are also known as promotional products, items, giveaways and incentives. These incentives are creatively applied to convey a message with the hope of affecting the target audience's behavior. Applications or ways of utilizing advertising specialties include attraction, growth and/or retention strategies such as increasing safety consciousness on-the-job, new product launches, grand openings of business, employee award recognition and motivation of a sales force.

For maximum impact on the target audience, incentives most often display an impact slogan, tag-line, logo or message known in the industry as the imprint. There are literally dozen of ways to imprint depending on the type of item that is selected. Some common methods include embroidery, silk screening, etching, engraving and die casting. Promotional gifts are usually distributed in quantity for mass impact. Because they are purchased in quantities, specialty items generally cost significantly less than recipients think, thus providing a higher perceived value. "Delivery system" or the "packaging" is one of the most dramatic ways to enhance the perceived value of promotional items.

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