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1. Do I need a prototype of my product?

Yes. It is important to produce an actual prototype in order to physically prove the idea you have created in your mind. Inevitably, a prototype will usually lead to improvements as you test and use your prototype that you might not have thought about in your mind. In most cases, it does not have to be a fancy unit and can be made of materials found in most homes. For the purpose of self-development, you would need a more accurate prototype generally referred to as a pre-production prototype.

2. Can I do my own protoype?
Yes. Most rough prototypes or initial prototypes are developed by the indivdual inventor.

3. How much would it cost me to do my own prototype?
That depends on the complexity of your product. It could be as low as a few dollars or run into the thousands of dollars.

4. Can a professinal prototyper do my prototype?
Yes. If you look in the yellow pages under "Prototyping" and "Plastic Manufacturer", you should be able to find a professional prototyper to assist you in doing your prototype.

5. What will it cost me to have a professional do my prototype?
Again, this is dependant on the complexity of your product and would start in the hundreds of dollars, and could go as high as tens of thousands of dollars for a pre-production prototype.

6. What should I make my prototype out of?
When producing an inital prototype, any material available is okay so long as you can get your prototype to actually work. The most important issue is not what it is made out of but, does it work?

7. How fancy does my prototype have to be?
The fancier the prototype, the more useful it becomes in promoting your product to others such as investors, manufacturers and retailers. Again, The most important issue is, does the prototype work properly? But beyond that, you can make the prototype as fancy as you wish.

8. Do I need a finished pre-production prototype?
No, if you intend to license your product. And yes, if you intend to self-develop your project.