Financial Freedom - Guideposts

Change Your Mindset

You need a new mindset for this journey. New paradigms, new realities and new possibilities. Our mind is like a receptacle with a certain capacity. To be able to contain more, we have to stretch it, ultimately to the abundance zone.

Have you ever wondered why some lucky chap wins the lottery, is propelled to the land of his dreams during his 15 minutes of fame, and a few years later, is back to his old neighborhood? He simply could not handle it. Some of us will pass out if we are presented with a suitcase containing $5M in crisp dollar bills. Our mind will simply go blank; our emotions running riot. Like a computer with a small RAM handling a big application, you simply go to sleep. What just happened? We've been rudely jerked from our reality into a strange world that exists outside the fringes of our wildest imaginations. And since it is outside our reality, we are completely clueless what to do next. As a matter of fact, we are in shock.

Are You Afraid of Millions?

It sounds like a funny question, but it is a serious one. So I will ask again:

Are you afraid of millions?

I was. Maybe I still am, I don't know. I have seen millions in my local currency, the naira. But that is nothing to be excited about. It amounts to $8,000! So I have not seen a million dollars before, though I expect it to show up at my bank account sometime soon, serious.

If your mind cannot handle a million dollars, if it shows up, you will fritter it away, unless you get help from good advisers. That is why the Bible says "The prosperity of a fool will destroy him". You have to create a brand new world on the inside of you, the land of your destination. Keep your eyes where you are heading, not where you are. To do that, you have to change channel from your prevailing circumstances and focus on where you are heading.

Extend Your Horizons

You need to stretch your mind to handle abundance. You need a plan on what to do with the millions when they start showing up. You need a personal mission statement. A new mindset will sustain your journey to the land you have created. Without a destination in mind, you will simply wander in the wilderness and hop on any wagon that happens to pass by. A highway to nowhere?

You need to create a new world within you. You have to believe it exists. You have to believe it is possible to get there. If you cannot see it, if you cannot believe it, you cannot get there. End of story.

Believing is not easy. If you don't believe, then don't bother attempting to leave your comfort zone. It will be a waste of energy, time and resources. Like Ken Evoy would say "You are looking at the wrong monitor. The right one is in your sitting room"

Everything that we see in the physical, including your car and apartment, first existed as a thought in somebody's mind. By sustained action in the direction of the thought backed by a complimentary plan, those thoughts became reality eventually. It is only a matter of time.