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Entrepreneurialism In The Real World

Webster's Dictionary defines the term "entrepreneur" in one protracted simple statement; "One who organized, operates, and assumes the risk in a business venture in expectation of gaining the profit". Yes, and if it were only so simple, we might all be languishing on the sunny, sandy beaches of our previous successes. As reality would have it, to be a triumphant entrepreneur in this wildly complex and convoluted world requires an ability to wear so many various and unique hats that we might be able to put Imelda Marcos' shoe collection to shame.

Those of you who have played the entrepreneurial game will know only too well what I mean and those contemplating jumping onto this field of dreams will need to prepare themselves. This brings me to the basics of the sport. Entrepreneurialism is a difficult, taxing, and usually unforgiving career choice which, if played right, can and does yield great returns in both satisfaction and financial gain.

The key elements include the burning desire to succeed, to do whatever it takes to make it happen, and the willingness to learn, change and to develop on both an intellectual and a personal level. There is much to be learned in order to function in the school of hard knocks real world of small business. Every day brings with it a new challenge, a new experience, and a new opportunity.

The difficulty is to effect a solution that is more often correct rather than incorrect. An incorrect solution is, in itself, an opportunity--without it occurring regularly, one is either not trying hard enough or paralyzed with fear of failure. This fear can be the entrepreneur's "Achilles heel". The trick is never letting the fear of failure stand in the way of desire for success. Failure, as I have experienced many times in my own endeavours with Saito, always brings me the seed of some future success. At times, it may be very difficult to see the immediate returns of failure; however, clarity in hindsight always returns in time.

Some might ask why anyone would want to put themselves through the entrepreneurial roller coaster of success and failure as statistics indicate the chances of surviving each ride are very slim at best! The answer is fairly simple; "we would have it no other way". Once a person has tasted the thrill of the game, it is exceptionally difficult to sit in the stands and watch others make the play. As an individual, I can visualize no other lifestyle or nor any other career where one can have a multitude of changing experiences in a given day.

Where the results of your efforts are not measured by fate, luck, race, Gods-will, changing corporate strategies, or other intangible yardsticks, but the blood and sweat of your own self-directed action towards the realization of your dreams and goals. Further, unlike the athlete who may well peak early in life's cycle, the entrepreneur can look forward to the long scenic road of life's continuing evolution--always growing, learning, creating and succeeding by building on top of the rubble of life's little failures.

When you wish upon a star, no matter who or what you are, dream it, believe it, plan it, act on it, and you will reach it whatever your "it" may be and then you will have become a successful"entrepreneur".