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1. What is a trademark?

A trademark is the most common used method of intellectual property protection for such things as: the name of a company, or a product, logo, or slogan associated therewith. There are millions of trademarks in common use in North America, many of which you see in everyday life. Examples include such things as: Nike, Heinz, McDonalds, sports and clothing logos of all kinds and many, many more.

2. What is a trademark search?
A trademark search is performed prior to applying for a trademark so that one can determine if anyone else is currently using, or has registered a trademark on the name, logo, or slogan you wish to use.

3. Do I need a trademark?
It is generally recognized in business and product development that it is important to protect any intellectual property rights associated with your firm or your product. Therefore it makes good sense to apply for a trademark so as to discourage others from copying your name, logo , or saying.

4. How much does a trademark cost?
Prices for trademarks vary greatly depending on who you use to prepare your application, but they generally run between one and three thousand dollars.

5. In what territory is a trademark valid?
A trademark is only valid in the country where you have applied for your trademark; therefore, if you wish protection in more than one country, you must apply in each of those countries for your trademark.

6. How long does it take to get a trademark?
The process of receiving a registered trademark averages between six months and two years.

7. How long is a trademark valid?
A trademark is valid as long as that trademark is used in commercial business. In other words, the trademark is valid as long as you use it in day to day business, and if you do not use it in this fashion for a long period of time, you run the risk of losing the rights to your trademark.

8. Can I get a world-wide trademark?
Yes, but it would require you filling a trademark application in each and every country in the world. This would obviously be a very expensive endeavor and is usually limited to large multinational corporations.

9. Can I do my own trademark?
Yes you can, by doing a little research into the process, but due to the complicated nature of intellectual property protection, it is highly recommended that you seek professional assistance.

10. Who does professional trademarks?
Firms check the yellow pages under the heading "trademarks". The people who prepare and file trademark applications are referred to as "registered trademark agents."