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Getting Ideas to Market

In the beginning, there was man and, of course, woman and as the story goes they started with nothing except for a fig leaf or two.

Today, as humankind hyper-speeds towards the next century, we have at our beck and call, a dazzling array of "stuff", as George Carlin would say. Where, you might wonder, did all this stuff come from? Well as simple as it sounds, it all appeared originally as as idea in the mind of a human being. And so, the saga of the consistent development of our modern world began and continues day in and day out, hopefully for eternity.

An idea, all by itself , without any action is and will always be nothing more than a dream. But, an idea put into motion, nourished to life, and acted upon is the "stuff" of legends. The great Thomas Edison once said "genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration" and he was as right then as this great truth is now.

Every single thing on this planet, excepting what was here before humankind actually started thinking and doing, was initiated with an idea. The process of converting an idea into reality can be a long and arduous journey that has been traveled by all our predecessors for centuries. The fundamental key element at the end of the idea is the market, for without a market, there would be no need to pursue the idea. Such as the thoughts of making profit by emails!

Some might say that this capitalistic interrelation does not exist in segments like art, medicine, or education, however, if you look closely at amy and all things created by humankind, there is always a market for an idea whether the market is intellectual, emotional, financial, or philanthropical. As we have seen in today's somewhat crazy world, there are markets for even the most bizarre of products and services.

So, before you trash that great idea of yours, contemplate the market it may serve. However, before you spend the millions of dollars you know your idea is worth, remember that it may take a long journey and buckets of perspiration, yours and others, in order to turn your idea idea into a successful product in the market.