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1. What is a copyright?
A copyright is the form of intellectual property protection most commonly used to protect such things as books, writings, articles, music, artwork, illustrations, manual, instructions, etc.

2. Can I copyright an idea?
No. Ideas are most commonly protected via a patent.

3. How much does a copyright cost?
Copyright is the most inexpensive form of intellectual property protection and in most cases, the cost runs under one hundred dollars.

4. In what territory is a copyright valid?
Unlike other forms of intellectual property protection, a copyright is valid world wide.

5. How long is a copyright valid?
A copyright is valid for fifty years after the death of the author.

6. Can I do my own copyright?
Yes. You can warn others that you intend to exercise your copyright by placing the copyright symbol ( "c" with a circle), date and the name of the author on the bottom of any document you produce. An example of which would be the following:

© Copyright 2002

If you wish to formally register your copyright, you will need to send a copy of your information to your country's intellectual property office, copyrights division.