Financial Freedom - Exit Rat Race: Take Baby Steps

It is very easy to attempt to make up for lost time, and attempt one giant leap forward for mankind, in your bid for the rat race exit. Chances are, you will crash land, convince yourself that it is not doable, and retreat back to the comfort zone of status quo. Back to rat race circuit. On this journey, failure is certain.

It is almost impossible to take off and soar to the heights without one single set back. You are definitely going to fail sometime, sure as Christmas. That is not news, if you have walked this road. However, failure is not final, unless to chose so. What matters is if you decide to stand up each time you fall.


Failure is not fun. Most people consider it an enemy. However it is a valuable member of the coaching crew on your journey to financial freedom. It teaches you how not to do it, next time around. The lessons failure teaches are expensive, and if taken to heart, invaluable. Failure forces you to improve. Success makes you think you have arrived, and may send you to sleep, until failure comes around to give the wake up call.

One Step at a Time

Failure paces you. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, goes the ancient Chinese proverb.

How long is a step?

It depends on you. We all have different strides. We have different distances to cover to El Dorado. We have different quantum of time, depending on what age you commence the journey. But we have to proceed with strides we are comfortable with. You are to figure it out for yourself. For me, I determined it through successive scaling back after series of false starts. If I try something thrice and fail, I scale back and try again.

In the journey, we require encouragement, and that comes most often through progress made. Failure is a good ally, but too much of it leads to discouragement and even depression. We need failure and success in right doses, especially at the beginning of the journey. We can bid failure goodbye after we have learnt the ropes well.

You need to take baby steps as you enter a new terrain. As you gain confidence, you can take longer strides, accelerate and finally take to the sky?

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