Financial Freedom - Develop Your Talent

You have discovered your talent. Very big congratulations! You have crossed a major milestone. A lot of folks don't. They don't see the need. Discovering your core talent is half the story. Yes, core talent. Some folks are multi-talented. Sometimes it creates a problem; they don't know where to start?

Like I mentioned in the article "Discover Your Talent", your talents were given to you by God as raw materials to accomplish your purpose. It is like a seed. You have to nurture it, make it spring out from the soil and blossom. If you starve it, it simply withers and dies.

Your talent is like a muscle. If you exercise it, it grows and becomes stronger. It depends on you, you can develop it to become a world-class weight lifter. If you do not exercise or use it, it will wither, and atrophy. If you stay put in bed for two years without lifting your legs, you will lose your legs. It is as simple as that.

Invest in Developing Your Talent

Thomas Edison said, "Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration". Your talent came from the "factory" in a raw form. You need to work on it, and make it world class standard. It needs a lot of work: exercise, focus, persistence, study and the works. This article is just a guide, to inspire you to get cracking

You need to buy books on the area of your talent, study from the masters, get a good mentor (if possible) and learn at the feet of a master. Practice, practice, practice. Just do it! You perfect your act as you practice. If you slouch on a couch and expect a miracle, you will wait forever. The tragedy of not doing anything about your talent is that gradually, you begin to lose it. And then one day, when you finally wake up too late, you find out that the little you had is gone.

Stretch Your Talent to the Wealth Zone

When you work on your talents, and become a master, a recognized authority in that field, you will begin to make money, naturally. When you have excelled in your field, you have stretched your talent to the wealth zone. Resources will begin to flow in your direction. You will begin to run away from publicity. You become a golden fish?no place to hide.

Just come with me for a moment, on a fantasy trip. You become a best-selling author. Publishers will pursue you for book contracts. They will beg you with money, down payment for books you have not even thought about writing yet. A best-acting actor (if there is anything like that); directors will pester the living hell out of you, begging you with movie roles.

A world-class footballer; clubs will be falling over themselves for your signature. A master webmaster, and your site is ranked in Alexa's top will get offers from Fortune 500 companies, depending on theme of your site. I can go on and on...