Helping the New Person Get Started

"How many people do you want for your first meeting? 10? Then invite 30 people!"

Be an Excellent Teacher

"Hey, Bill, how's it going? This is Jackie!" Relax with the person. Build a rapport with them!

"Hey, Bill, I'm in a real big hurry. I'm starting to walk out the door, but before I leave, I wanted to give you a call. The reason I'm calling you is I've just started my own marketing company.

I just got tied in with some very successful, wealthy business people, and we're going through an expansion stage of our company and we're expanding our business in your area. I happen to feel I was at the right place at the right time to get hooked up with these people... long-term thinkers...that are seriously looking to increase their income dramatically over the next few months.

"Bill, are you the kind of person who ever looks for ways to:

1) Make more money?

2) Have more time (leverage your time)?

3) Be able to spend more time with your kids/family?"

Here are some phone power skills to help move you toward and get the close for the meeting. These are proven, effective tips that work:

1) Always control the conversation with continued reflexive questioning to move toward the close no matter what their response. (i.e. Isn't it? Aren't you? Doesn't it? Etc.) The key here is to continue to get "little yeses" to keep them positive.

For Example:

Prospect: I'm really busy and I just don't have the time.

Network Marketer: Well I can certainly understand that and I can always respect busy people. Sometimes it seems like there's not enough time in the day, doesn't it?

Prospect: Yes.

Network Marketer: You like to be asproductive as possible with your time don't you?

Prospect: Well yes of course.

It is vitally important to keep getting the "little yeses" throughout the conversation

(which should NOT exceed three minutes)

2) Be aggressive with the close but not overbearing. There is a fine line between being efficient and being overbearing.

3) Use the "Porcupine Close" when asked a question. Being able to answer a question with a question can be quite an art form but very necessary to find out where your prospect is in the sales process.